About the Laurentian Ski Museum - LSM

Historical overview of the LSM
On May 26 1986, le Journal des Pays-d’en-Haut announced the founding of the Laurentian Ski Museum and the Hall of Fame by some passionate skiers who wanted to preserve the skiing heritage of the Laurentians. For 10 years, the Museum exposed here and there.

In 1982 it joined with the Jackrabbit Museum. In 1986, after the sale of its building, the Museum found itself without a home. In 2000 a new group of enthusiasts relocated to Biggy’s Restaurant, which closed its doors in 2004. Since 2007 the Laurentian Ski Museum and Hall of Fame have resided in the old Saint-Sauveur Fire Station.

By Michel Allard, Historical consultant to the Laurentian Ski Museum


The mission of the Laurentian Ski Museum is developed around four fundimental approaches
A Historical Approach
Starting with its collection of more than 3500 artifacts including objects, photographs, videos and testimonials, the Laurentian Ski Museum addresses the history of the area related to the development of a winter sport, skiing and its many disciplines

A development approach to the identity of the region
It is important to maintain the collective memory of the role that this sport played in the development of the Laurentians, of Quebec and of Canada. The Museum wishes to develop and conserve a heritage that was so strong in developing the cultural identity of the area

An approach focused on the public
Taking into account of the needs and interests of the public, the Museum plans for the development and the loyalty of different types of clients based on its different activities.

An approach centered on education
The dissemination of the materials is centered on promoting permanent and temporary quality exhibits. Exhibits that contribute to the awareness of the different types of public to their Laurentian heritage, in particular to the student population.