The acquisition policy - LSM

Collection, Acquisition and Loans
The range of the collection:
Objects and documents related to skiing and its disciplines (alpine, cross-country, jumping, etc.). This may include skis, boots, ski polls, but also lift tickets, publicity pamphlets, clothing, photographs, film, etc.

Objects and documents related to winter sports. This may include snowboards, snowshoes, ice skates, luges, etc.

Objects and documents related to the development of the ski industry and its many facets (Ex. Tourism) This may include promotional pamphlets or publications, ski area posters, ski magazines or newspaper articles about skiing in the area.

Objects and documents related to the development of the Laurentians. (Under some circumstances.) This may include agrarian or forestry items, documents illustrating the land allotments of the first settlers or their land leases, etc.

The conditions of procurement
Procurements are usually in the form of donations. The Museum, except in exceptional circumstances, does not accept objects or documents on loan or long term loan. After both parties have signed a donation agreement, objects or documents given to the Museum become the sole property of the Museum that can then use them in any manner either as part of an exhibit, as a loan or can alter or part with them. Once, legally given to the Museum, objects or documents are never returned to their former owners. The owners cede all their rights to the items when they are donated.

In assembling exhibits or loans, the Museum agrees, whenever possible, to post the name or names of the donators and also mention the credits connected, if possible. Furthermore, charitable receipts, when requested, may be given for donations accepted. For receipts between $0 and $900. An external evaluation of the items is not necessary. For receipts of more than $ external evaluation performed by a recognized evaluator is obligatory and should be furnished to the Museum by the donator.

Also, other forms of procurement are possible, such as bequests.

Procurement procedures
Upon receipt of an acquisition proposal, the curator will study the pertinence of the item proposed as it regards to the guidelines of the collection and also of the general condition of the item offered and the state of the reserves. Only the curator (or in his absence an employee mandated) and the Director General of the Museum are authorized to accept or refuse a proposed donation.