Historic of the collection

The history of the collection

The origin of the collection
As in many local and regional museums, the gathering together of the artifacts preceded the founding of the actual museum. In 1981 with the encouragement of the Société d histoire des Pays d’en-Haut, a group researching the history of skiing was formed and decided to present a first exhibit. A call to the public under the theme ‘Spring Cleaning’ was launched. Many citizens from the area donated items of equipment and documents relating to the history of skiing.

The development of the collection
Since the official founding of the the Laurentian Ski Museum in 1982, the members have amassed skis, polls, boots, photographs, trophies, paintings, written documentation, magazines and artifacts illustrating the history and evolution of skiing in the Laurentians. However very few of these items are properly chronicled, listed and registered according to archival rules, taking into account a comprehensive plan re the design, acquisition, conservation and collections policy. Moreover, the entire collection was kept in the basements of the members of the Museum. In 1992, the blending of the Laurentian Ski Museum and the Jackrabbit Museum certainly helped to enrich the collection, but it continues to maintain its inaccuracies.

The first systematic inventory
In 1994, the Museum received a grant through the Municipality of Piedmont and the Heritage and Culture Program to produce a first inventory which was assembled in 1995. After this, new donations were received but a few donators took back their objects and documents.